Word of the Year – 2022

Every year I pick a word and a scripture to work toward and focus on. 2021’s word was Embrace. There were many times I had trouble with this one, but looking back, I can see where throughout the year, I came a long way on embracing myself as God created me and grabbing hold of the opportunities He has placed in front of me. Part of that was stepping up as the broker of the Arab branch of Matlock Realty Group. I am so proud of hope our company has grown and stepped out in the surrounding communities. I pray that God will use it to continue to bless those around us. Another opportunity was to organize a ladies’ retreat, which will be next weekend. We have worked hard to get things ready and I can’t wait to see the blessing it will hopefully be on those who attend.

I thought long and hard and prayed over what 2022’s word should be. Finally I found the word Inspire. I want to work more on being an inspiration to those around me – at church, at work, in the community, online. And I also want to be more aware and take advantage of the inspiration God has placed in my life. This blog is another step in being able to inspire others, including people I wouldn’t normally come into contact with. I love to write and hope that my thoughts and ideas will be able to bless others along the way. I also want that inspiration to extend into my work life, as broker and agent, to be there for and encourage the agents and clients I work with. I hope that we will continue to bless each other and that I can use the gifts God gave me to encourage our company to continue to become even better at inspiring and serving our community.

When I pick a word, I find a scripture to go along with it, and use that as my meditation for the year as I work towards growing, both spiritually and otherwise. This year’s passage is 1 Peter 4:10-11.

I want to use the gifts and inspiration God has given me to encourage and inspire others.

The end of 2021 brought a lot of changes in my life, and I have embraced them. Now I want to be inspired to run with them, and to use them to help others. I want to use the gifts God gave me to inspire, to serve, to edify, and encourage. To do with with all my strength and energy. I want all that I do to bring glory to God. I hope that this year brings you health and joy, and maybe a little of the inspiration I’m working with will find it’s way to you as well. Happy 2022!!

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