Wonder Woman

A couple of days ago, I made a Facebook post. It was just 4 pictures, summing up my day.

I had comments, and I have had them before, like, “You are a superwoman!”

Let me tell you. I feel more like Wonder Woman. As in, I wonder how everything is going to get done. I wonder if my kids are learning everything they need to know. I wonder what all I’m falling behind on. I wonder who I let down or forgot about today. I wonder if I will ever not be tired again. I wonder if I am being a good enough friend. I wonder if I will ever lose that extra weight around my midsection. I wonder what on earth I am going to fix for supper. I wonder if I’m doing a good enough job raising my kids to be the people God wants them to be. I wonder if I am the person God wants me to be.

Don’t be mistaken. I absitively posolutely love my life. I love being involved. But my social media life, just like everyone else’s, makes things look better than they are. You look at that picture and see things getting accomplished! I look at that picture and can admit what all got done, but I’m still seeing everything that didn’t. You see me hanging out with and loving on my kids. I see how many times I pushed them aside while I was busy with something else.

This is not a pity post. Far from it. It’s just an awareness post. I do appreciate it when I get the superwoman type comments. It’s nice to hear, and to know that people think I have it all together 😂 Because I totally don’t feel like I do. I feel like there are so many areas I fail. But thanks for the encouragement and acknowledgement. It makes me wonder if just maybe I’m doing something right. 🥰


  1. Love this! But what weight around your mid-section?! I’ll show you some weight. LOL! I love you Corri and am so proud to know you!

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