What Makes a Soul Feel Lost?

What makes a soul feel lost?
Yes, we say lost soul for one who doesn’t know about Jesus.
But what about those who do, but still feel lost?
Not eternally lost, but like they are still searching.
What are they searching for?
Understanding? Either being understood by others or having their own understanding or wisdom.
Companionship? Love? Just a connection?
Peace? Rest? Just a short breath of relief?
Maybe they don’t even realize they’re lost.
Maybe they just feel……out of place.
Maybe they don’t feel like they fit in where they are, or where they were.
Maybe they aren’t lost. Maybe they are just wandering.
Sometimes I feel like I attract wandering and lost souls.
Like shards of metal to a magnet, attract them in their hurt and brokenness.
In their seeking, as they meander, not knowing where they are going.
Or maybe more like ships to a lighthouse.
Guiding the wandering voyagers to a safe harbor.
Helping them navigate the sharp cliffs, treacherous boulders, and hidden sandbars to safety, peace and rest.
To an open ear and an open heart.
To a place of peace and refreshing.
To a place where Christ is shown, but not forced.
Let me be a beacon that shines through the night, guiding lost and wandering souls to Jesus.

Yahweh nissi – The Lord Is My Banner. Isaiah 11:10-12 (Click for more info on Yahweh nissi.)

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