Weary and Looking for Rest

This is a repost from my Facebook page a year ago. But it is still completely relevant (both in how I feel and what I need to remember!)

Some days, you just feel weary.

Maybe there is a lot going on in your life. Maybe there is just something in particular you’ve been struggling with. Maybe you feel like you are struggling with everything. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Yes, I’m speaking to myself, as usual.

I found myself having a morning where I was just overwhelmed. Trying to get the kids going, working on schoolwork, and out the door for music lessons. Working simultaneously for two different businesses, both on a spur of the moment. My house is a disaster, as usual, and I’m behind on laundry. Again, as usual. I’m also working on planning a ladies’ retreat for our church and was trying to get some of that together for a meeting this afternoon. All in time to get out the door on time for music lessons. And I let my emotions get the better of me. As I sent the kids in for their music lessons, I may have sat behind in the car for a moment and shed a tear or two. Then I reminded myself:

“You’ve got this. You are a child of God. There’s nothing you can’t do without His help, for His Spirit is within you.”

And I felt better.

Am I still overwhelmed? Yeah. I mean I’ve got a lot going on. Should I probably make better use of time management? Most definitely. Should I cut down on my social media time? Debatable. 😉😂

The point is, I know that if I trust God to guide my path, He will not only direct my steps, He will guide me in ways that will also provide rest and renewed strength. I just have to be willing to listen to Him and trust that He knows better than I do what I need. I have to live in Him and let Him dwell in me.

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