How did you spend, or at least picture spending, your 20th anniversary?

This is how mine is going at 9:30 pm.

We managed to spend part of the morning together, because I didn’t have to be at my office meeting until 10, and he played hooky for the first part of the morning. We spent all day apart working our respective jobs. I swung back by the house and picked him up and we went to fellowship and worship at Pennies for Presents and Uplift service, followed by helping getting things started for the yard sale the Lion’s Club and our church is putting on Saturday (along with a bake sale and free car wash, if you are local!) We got back home and headed straight for Jeremy’s office to do a take off on a big job, and I kept working on some real estate stuff I had to finish up in the middle of it all. And it’s a perfect representation of how we live our life. We live together. We work together. We love together. (and we also have fun together – we have a fun trip planned later to celebrate!)

This year marks 20 years we’ve been married. So many couples don’t make it even close to this long, and I thank God every day I was blessed with a man who is loving, godly, and in it for the long haul. He works hard to provide for our family. He’s a wonderful father to our children. He loves big. He is always willing to help someone in need. He is the biggest goofball. He’s an intelligent businessman who treats his workers well. And he chose me over all the other girls out there.

If I could have asked God for a man who was not perfect, but perfect for me, I couldn’t even have come up with the one He has given me. In the 20 years we’ve been married we have had good times and bad, but always together, tackling them side by side. I wouldn’t trade any of them. And I can’t wait to see what the next 20 hold.

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