Train Them Up

My friend and I were talking one morning about how hard it seems to reads children in this age. The access they have to worldliness at such young ages. Friends with games and social media and videos that I don’t necessarily approve of. And it’s not even something that I can point out, “This is bad, because it has this and this and this.” Sometimes it’s just a feeling that doesn’t sit right with me. Or there is a hidden agenda that my kids wouldn’t notice, but the more they are exposed to it, the easier it is to accept things they shouldn’t.

I honestly do hate that there are games my kids’ friends play that I won’t let them have. Videos I won’t let them watch. Apps they can’t have. I totally understand the yearn to fit in, to be in the know, to be like everyone else. After all, I was a kid once, too. It’s not that I’m an “unfun” person or a mean ol’ stick in the mud.

But as a parent, it is my job to not only take care of my children’s physical needs, but also their mental and spiritual needs. And there are just some things they don’t need.

Yes, I do agree that to an extent children – at appropriate ages – need to be exposed somewhat to the things of the world. They don’t need to be sheltered to the point of ignorance. We are raising warriors for Christ, and every good warrior needs to know what they are up against.

However, before the mission briefing, our little soldiers must go through boot camp. They must have their bodies and minds trained to withstand the enemy before facing the enemy.

Thankfully at this stage in the game, my children understand. Are they disappointed when they ask for an app on their iPod and I decline? Of course. But they know I declined because I love them and there is a reason it wouldn’t be good for them. And as they get older and more mature, those parameters broaden, and they are exposed to more of what the world has to offer. By my side, with my guidance, and with the Lord’s help, they will hopefully learn to make decisions that are spiritually healthy.

They trust me to take care of them. To help them as they transform their minds to think of things with a God-view, not a world-view. So that even though they will most definitely face things as they live in this world, they will trust God to guide them and have the strength and courage and wisdom as God’s warriors to not give in and not back down.

Because living in this world, but not being of the world is hard. Even for grown ups.

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