The Family that Works Together…

I used to work with Jeremy on the job site a good bit when he was short-handed. I actually enjoy going with him and shooting grade, raking ditches, and laying Infiltrator. There is nothing like the tired after installing a septic system in the hot Alabama July sun. Nowadays, however, my job is mostly keeping up with his paperwork and working as his office manager.

He has always taken the kids with him when he could to hang out at the job site with him, and as they got big enough, to help out with the job. This past Tuesday, all 6 of us went just a few miles up the road to put a system in together. It was Esther’s first time “on the job” (her words were, “This is one of the best days ever!” – probably because she spent a good portion of the day climbing in and out of ditches and the big ol’ pile of Alabama red dirt that Jeremy dug out of the ground.) The boys are pretty experienced ditch workers, but the girls got in there, too, and did their share of grade shooting, raking, and Infiltrator toting. Esther even helped Troy some when it came time to plumb from the septic tank to the field lines. It was a fun day, including the Jack’s picnic we had on the trailer for lunch. And you know what they say, the family that plays, er, works together….Let me see….How about: the family that strives together, thrives together.

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