That Phony King

Several of us have been meeting once a week as a book club to read and discuss C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity. We have had a lot of good discussion so far, and I expect that will continue as we keep going.

Today we were discussing the section book 2 “What Christians Believe”. There’s a part at the end of chapter 2 where he likens being a Christian as living in enemy-occupied territory, taking “part in a great campaign of sabotage.” Then at the very beginning of chapter 3, he mentions, “Christians, then, believe that an evil power has made himself for the present the Prince of this World.”

And do y’all know what immediately popped in my head??


This dude right here.

King Richard, the real king, was temporarily gone and his sleazy little brother, John, had taken over. Prince John was completely unfit as a ruler, mean and greedy and power hungry. But this dude here and his buddies did all they could to expose his evil ways and upend his unjust reign, in the name of the true king, gaining support from more and more people as they went along.

Our King has temporarily left us. That sneaky snake Satan has tried to come in and take over in His absence. But we as Christians are working every day in the name of our King to expose Satan’s evil ways and break his hold over the earth, drawing more and more souls to the love and cause of Christ along the way.

But King Richard did eventually come back and gave that “phony king of England” a swift kick in the pants and punished him and his supporters, taking back his rightful place as King. Robin and his band of Merry Men couldn’t completely overthrow Prince John without Richard, but they certainly did some damage to his greedy plans in the waiting.

Jesus will eventually come back, put Satan in his place, and openly reclaim His rightful place as King of the universe. We can’t completely overthrow Satan without Him, but we can certainly work to wreak havoc on his agenda.

I got tickled at myself for the comparison jumping unbidden to my brain, and I thought you might get a kick out of it as well. Now, go forth and rain on Satan’s parade in the name of Jesus.

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