Sweet Sixteen

It has been a wacky day, but I couldn’t let it go by without talking about this dude right here.

Today is Tyler’s sixteenth birthday. I’m not really sure how that happened, because yesterday he looked like this:

(Yeah, yeah, I’ve aged, too)

But now he’s bigger than his moma. But still not too big for daddy to pick up.

This kid is so special. The things he has and still struggles with, but works so hard to overcome…I’m amazed by him. He loves to help his Moma, and anyone else. He makes a mean stop motion Lego video. He captures photographs that I would never even have thought to take. He’s getting pretty stinking good on the banjo, and already rocks on drums. He’s also a man of many faces.

Those are just from me trying to get him to smile this morning. 😆

Tyler is a pretty special kid, and I’m so glad I’m the one God made his Moma. I’d hate to know I wasn’t the one getting to watch this awesome man-child grow and learn and become a wonderful person. And if you don’t know Ty, you are surely missing out.

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