Saturday Song Share #14

One of these songs I’ve had in my head all week, and one I literally just picked out 30 seconds ago. Because that’s how my brain works, ha!

Do you ever feel like your flame is just flickering? Like, it hasn’t gone out, but it’s just tired looking and needs fuel? You call out to God to breathe His Spirit back into you, refreshing your soul and renewing your heart, giving you fresh strength to keep going. You ask Him to light the fire in your soul.

“Light the Fire” by The Zoe Group

How about this…you feel things changing and it’s uncomfortable. Like maybe the container you are in, you just don’t quite fit in anymore. Your spirit feels like it is about to burst out of you. You are pressed on every side. You feel the pressure that God, the Potter, is placing on you to remold you into the vessel that pleases Him and will serve His purpose. You feel the bursting inside of you that God, the Vintner, turning you into new wine, your life as a living sacrifice for Him, poured out on the altar for Him.

“New Wine” by Hillsong Worship

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