Smells Like Teen Spirit

My days with littles are running out. Today, #3 became an official teenager, which means I only have one little left. Where once we bought Barbie dolls and stuffed animals, we now buy books and craft supplies. This young lady (for she is no longer a little girl) is still all about the critters – her daddy actually brought home a kitten someone dumped on a job site yesterday – and crafts. She is always willing to give her mom a helping hand. She is the best little baby sitter. She is thoughtful and considerate, and loves Jesus. She is fearless, unless she thinks someone is watching her perform. She has a heart for music, playing both by ear and by sight. She isn’t too cool to act silly, but is mature enough to be responsible. While I miss the days she was still small enough to carry on my hip, I am enjoying this phase of life where we can start to talk of more “grown up” issues and have fund exploring the things we have in common that we enjoy, and watching her spread her wings as she becomes her own person and pursuing her own dreams. I feel so blessed to be her mom and I pray every day that she continues to be the tough, tender, talented, thoughtful, terrific teenager I am seeing her become, full of life and spirit. Happy birthday, Audrey!

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