Skipped my Lou

My Audrey-Lou is 12!

So I posted on Facebook about my oldest daughter’s birthday, but I dropped the ball on making a post here. I could come up with a lot of excuses. But I won’t. I will just tell you a couple of weeks late how wonderful she is.

This sweet baby was born on September 2, 12 years ago. We joke that she is a 90210 baby. As the mother of two rambunctious boys, I was so excited to get to buy pink and bows!

Look at that precious face!!
Piggy tails and bows and smiles!

Those bows did not mean she was all girly, though. This girl is my critter-lover. If there is any kind of animal around, she’s going to want to love on it. She is the proud moma of a bearded dragon named Tomodachi, and loves on our many dogs, cat, horses, turtles….stray snakes, frogs, other people’s dogs and cats and goats and…and…and…

Animals. Drawing. Reading. Music. Plays guitar and fiddle. Picks at the mandolin. And sings when she thinks no one is listening to her.

But most importantly, she has a good heart. She is the best sister. Even to those who aren’t her actual siblings. She is always willing to help her moma out. She thinks of others and what they might want, not just about herself. And I’m so glad God made me her moma.


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