Self-Worth and Dignity

Godly Femininity is Power Under Control.

Esther is a beautiful story that exemplifies this concept. 

Esther was a young beautiful Jewish girl. She was chosen as one of many to be prepared to go before King Xerxes as a candidate to be the new queen. 

From the very beginning, Esther impressed those who were in charge. She must have had not only beauty but an impressive attitude and outlook. As a result, she was given preferential treatment and advice from Hegai, the eunuch in charge of the king’s harem. She also impressed Xerxes enough to be named queen. It points out that he loved her more than any of the other young women who had been sent to him. He not only loved her, but he was delighted with her.

When Esther found out about Haman’s plot against the Jews, even though it put her life at risk, she was willing to go before the king to plead for them. However, she did not bust into the room in an uproar, demanding Xerxes do what she wanted. Even though she was queen, she went through the proper channels and approached him humbly, but confidently. She knew that the king loved and respected her, and she used that to her advantage. Not manipulatively, but wisely. She knew her worth, and acted in a dignified queenly manner. She knew the power she held, but wielded it wisely and appropriately. 

As women in God’s family, we should know our worth. We are so precious to Jesus that He sacrificed Himself for us. He loves us and wants the best for us. He listens when we come before Him as our King, just as Xerxes listened to Esther. Sometimes the answer we are looking for is not the one He gives, but He answers. Xerxes wasn’t able to undo what had been done, but he heard Esther’s pleas and showed her how she could save herself and her people. God can’t undo what has been done in our lives, but He can show us how to proceed from here to make things better. 

As royal family, we should also act with dignity and grace. God has called us to show His love to the world. If we are demanding, bossy, ill-tempered, and selfish, what kind of message does that send? Esther had the love, example, and guidance of her wise cousin Mordecai. We hold within us the power of God’s love, Christ’s example, and the Spirit’s guidance. Esther had the power to save a nation. We have the power to bring lost souls to Christ.  Because to Him we are priceless.

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