Second Sweet Sixteen

We are now 2-for-2 with teenage drivers.

Today was Troy’s 16th birthday. We have been at the campground the past couple of weeks, so he got his traditional 16 year old present at the camper this morning – his own cell phone, since he will now be mobile alone. Jeremy took him to take his driving test, which he passed, and to lunch at his favorite place – Waffle House. He doesn’t get to go there often, since Esther can’t eat there, so he always chooses it as his special one-on-one meals. Finished off the evening with the church where he was surprised with cake at our monthly Pennies for Presents meal and Uplift service to kick off our summer small groups.

To say I love this kid would be an understatement. He’s my buddy and my right-hand dude. Stubborn as a mule and tender hearted. Sometimes he speaks a language I don’t understand with his video games, but we share a love for books, superheroes, good music, and funny memes.

Happy birthday to my sweet second born. I love you to the moon!

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