Saturday Song Share #7

Y’all, this has been a week. One of those busy, soul draining, peace stealing, “Is it Friday yet?” kinda weeks. Ironically (or providentially), the theme of tomorrow’s sermon is “A Real Rest”. And the songs we are singing will follow suit. (Being besties with the preacher and the worship leader has it’s advantages 😉) So I thought I would share one of the songs we are singing tomorrow and then another of my favorites on the subject.

One of tomorrow’s songs is “There is a Place of Quiet Rest”. It is so comforting to know that placing our heart near to God’s heart brings rest and peace.

“There is a Place of Quiet Rest” by Dallas Christian Adult Concert Choir

This one is one of my favorites on my personal praise and worship playlist. If you haven’t figured it out by now, UVW is one of my favorite groups. They are the ones who have lead worship at Winterfest in Gatlinburg when we’ve gone the past few years. Again, “Come to Me” brings about images of just going getting hug and being embraced by the Father and Him saying, “It’s okay, just take a deep breath and rest for a while. I’m taking care of you and of everything.”

“Come to Me” by United Voice Worship

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