Saturday Song Share #4

I’ve had several people on my mind who have been/are fighting various battles, whether they are sin-related, illness/injury related, or just life-in-general related. So the songs that have been on my mind this week are kind of reflecting that. The one I have literally woken up singing in my brain every morning this week is “House of the Lord”, which I’ve already shared and you can find here.

The first one I’m sharing is a variation of one that my friend Tenia said had been popping in her head all week. (If you want to hear Tenia’s story on fighting her battles, I’ve shared it here.) When we feel like we are surrounded by the enemy, all we have to do is remember to put our trust in the Lord because He will go before us, behind us, and all around us, between us and the enemy.

“Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” by Bethel Music featuring Kari Jobe

The second song is – I think – a version of the one she was talking about, and one we have incorporated into our worship services in the past few months, called “Battle Belongs”. It’s reminding us that the best way to fight or battles is on our knees, in prayer and praise.

“Battle Belongs” by United Voice Worship

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