Saturday Song Share #17

We’ve been having small groups throughout the summer on discipleship. So when I saw this image come across my social media…

…I thought it would be good to share songs about leading others to Jesus.

The lighthouse image there brought to mind a song we sang often when I was growing up, “Let the Lower Lights be Burning.” It’s not our job to do the saving, but we can be a light leading those to the One who brings salvation.

“Let the Lower Lights be Burning”

Then I was thinking about what other song I wanted to use. My initial thought was to keep the light theme, but as I scrolled through songs, seeing which one jumped out at me, I felt myself pulled more toward the discipleship theme. So when I landed on “Nobody”, I knew I had found the right one. I’m nobody special, but I want to tell you about the One who is. I want you to come to know Him as I do.

“Nobody” by Casting Crowns ft. Matthew West

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