Ruff Day

Right after Jeremy and I got married, we had our first baby. His name was Rex, and he was a black lab. I absolutely loved that dog. We had him until I was pregnant with Troy. He got attacked by another dog in the neighborhood and had to be put down. I was torn to pieces.

Bonus photo of my Rexy-poo and a younger version of my precious husband.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to our pets. They are very much a part of our family. Tonight we have to say good bye to two of ours. My Bones has started being mean to Jeremy’s beagles, seriously injuring two of them, one of which has been at the vet’s office for almost a week healing, and the other of which was not savable. He has also started acting in a rebellious manner, and even snapped at Jeremy when he scolded him. So we have made the very hard decision to let him go, before he gets too rough and injures one of the kids, or someone else.

It’s a very hard decision for us to make. One we don’t take lightly. We love our animals, all of them, and know what the responsibilities are that come with having them. And part of that responsibility is to put our children and others first to keep them safe.

It’s our job as parents to keep our children safe. We don’t purposefully or knowingly put them in positions to cause them harm. Even if whatever we are keeping them from looks okay on the outside. Even if other people don’t agree with the decisions we make. And even if it breaks our heart in the process.

Think about that for a moment. I’m taking the proper steps to keep my children safe from harm by sending my beloved pet away. Are we taking those same precautions in their spiritual lives? Are we teaching them to look for dangers and to keep themselves from things that are harmful, even if it looks okay from the outside? Even if other people don’t agree with our decisions? Even if we lose relationships and it breaks our hearts?

I pray every day over my children, that God will keep them safe and following His path.

They need protection and guidance. Because a lot of times, the things that look innocent, the things we love, the people we care about, are the very things the devil uses to try to harm us. We have to learn to make wise decisions, even when it hurts.

We are all brokenhearted tonight. It’s never easy to let one pet go, but two at once sure is ruff. Goodbye, my dear doggies. I hope you know you have been well loved, and that we will miss you.

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