Remind Me, Lord

God, I sit empty and alone
I fall to pieces at the foot of Your throne
Begging You to make me whole
To put the fire back in my soul
I’m torn and trembling, weak and spent
I don’t know where my courage went
It feels like everything I do
Falls apart to pieces, too
The hopes and dreams inside my heart
Are barely kept from falling apart
Some days I want to just give up
Forget it all and say I’m done
Then I look out into Your world
At all the darts that Satan’s hurled
I know there’s good for me to do
If I can only just push through
But I know alone I can’t do it 
I need Your love, Your strength, Your Spirit
God, pour Yourself out into me
With Your love, clear my misery
With You I can bear anything
You give my heart new songs to sing
Remind me, Lord, when I feel crushed
Your Spirit and my heart have touched
You’re always there with joy so sweet
If I will just sit at your feet
Remind me, Lord, that it’s Your strength
I should rely on when I feel week
I’ll carry on and be renewed
Knowing the Father’s love will see me through.

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