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Trouble comes in life. In so many forms.

On a personal level, and on a global level.

Much of it comes from a lack of clear communication – sometimes on the part of the speaker, and sometimes on the part of the listener.
And sometimes both.

Much of it comes from a failure to really see those around us, to look at them as Jesus does.
As imperfect people who are still loved by their Father.

We are so often the opposite of what we are instructed to be in James 1:19 – we don’t truly listen, we speak without thinking first, and we are easily riled up.

We bring extra pain on ourselves and others by not truly bearing the image of Christ, but trying to wear His name only.

I’m ending today with a prayer – one modified from one of my own from earlier this week. Do you ever write your prayers? I find it helps me stay focused and connected. Anyway, I thought I would share it in case you needed the same prayer.

Much love to you, and extra thoughts if you are struggling today.

Lord, sometimes my soul hurts so much.
I try to turn it all over to You, but it still hurts.
Why, God?
I know there will be troubles in life. And that it's not promised to be easy.
But, God, it hurts.
How are we supposed to handle it all?
God, please grant us wisdom. Give us guidance and understanding. Help us to act with grace and love, even if others don't.
Help us to find peace in You.
Please be with others. Grant them, also, understanding and grace.
Lord, open our hearts so we can see one another, hear one another, and show grace and love to one another. 
Heal our hearts and revive our souls.
In the most precious and holy name of Jesus, 

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