Prayer for Peace and Direction

Help me remember You are all that matters. Everything I do is to be done to please You. It only matters truly what You think of me, not anyone else. I should do all I can to live in unity and harmony with others, but when it all comes down to it, You are what matters. Are You happy with the things I'm doing, the way I'm acting, the love and grace I'm showing?
Help me practice what I preach. Help me to break the bonds of fear and turmoil. I want to find Your inexplicable peace. Help me remember You are almighty and will fight my battles for me if I will just let You. You will stand beside me, giving me strength and courage. All I have to do is fully turn myself over to You. 
Show me Your Way. God, at times the path seems so clear. And at times it's like a pea-soup fog. Let us know which path we should take. Guide us as we learn Your Way better. You are not just the Haymaker, but the Way itself. Let all of my steps be toward You, beside You. Make my discomfort disappear when I'm where You want me to be, and make it increase when things aren't right.
Fill me with Your love and peace, so that it will overflow out of me and onto others. Let others see the fruit of the Spirit SHINING out of me. May You in me be obvious to those around me. Let Your Spirit fill my heart and soul and guide my steps. Give me confidence - not in You, because I already have that - but in myself to represent You. Help me remember that I am Your ambassador. Your representative to others here. Give me boldness and wisdom to represent You accurately. Quiet the storm inside my soul and my mind. Let me be at peace wherever You guide me. 
Again, God, help me to do the things and live in a way that pleases and brings glory to You. Not worrying about what man thinks, except the they see You in me. 

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