Prayer Against Resistance

God, I’m so tired.
I’m tired of resistance.
It feels like everywhere I turn, something is pushing against me.
Trying to stuff me into a hole I don’t fit into.
Trying to squish me and make me contort.
My spirit is tired.
I try to have a joyful heart, to meet these forces head on, either pushing back or welcoming the reshaping where needed.
But my heart grows weary from being pushed on every side. 
No matter which way I turn, there is no relief.
Alongside that weariness, resentment is trying to take root.
I pluck it out but when I turn around, there it is, still.
Lord, I turn to You.
Jesus, You promised Your yoke would be easy and Your burden light, and that in You we would find rest.
But, Jesus, lately all I’m feeling is the spirit of heaviness and weariness.
I know that You are my Fortress, my Defender.
I cry out to You to remove this heavy spirit, to remove the forces pushing against me, and to place Your joy back into my heart.
I praise You for the deliverance I know You will bring. 
Lord, teach me how to lay all at your feet, but at the same time to not neglect the responsibility of the tasks you’ve placed before me.
Help me see what to hold tight to and what to let go of.
Release me from the pressure surrounding me, that’s keeping me from being who and what You would have me be. 
Fill my heart with Your joy and praise,
Your strength and power.
Bless me by allowing me to be a blessing with a fearless and joyful heart,
Honing the talents You have given me and releasing the duties that are better suited to others.
Bringing You praise and honor with all I am and in all I do.

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