Praise to the Creator

Blessed are You, Oh Lord our God, Creator of the universe, who created such grand things as the solar systems and galaxies, who created such wonderous things as atoms and quarks, but still thought the universe needed us. You created us after Your very image. You created us not to just be, but to think and to reason and to love. Our very being is marvelously complex. The way all of our body parts work together, respiratory and circulatory and nervous and digestive systems. How we are part physical being that can be seen and touched, but there is also a part of us that science can’t explain. That part of us is You. You made us in Your image, and breathed Your own breath into us to give us life. Your Spirit dwells within us. We are part of Your magnificent creation, but we are also loved by You as Your children. You created majestic mountains, soothing seashores, rolling rivers, formidable forests. Brave beasts, intriguing insects, fragrant flowers, viable vegetation. Yet You also created our eyes to see, our brains to process, our souls to feel. You gave us a capacity to love, and the desire to give that love away, to share it. You gave us the intellect to know there is more out there, and desire that we come to know that You are that More. You are more than we can imagine, more than we can understand, more than we could ever hope for. And not only are You more, but you’re love, grace, and mercy are more. You created us to be recipients of that love, grace, and mercy, and desire that we pass it along to others. Everything You made You called good, but we are the only beings created in Your image – to bear Your Spirit. Thank you, Lord, for the loving care You show us. Please help us to always strive to live and love as You have shown us, to follow Your example that we were given through Jesus. Pour out Your blessings on us so that we may be Your light to the world. Help us use Your creation to show others of Your might, Your power, Your glory. Amen.

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