New Paths

If you are my personal Facebook friend, this is a cross post from yesterday.

Every day has become a “double duty” day. (Even though it is more like quadruple once you add in homeschooling/co-op and regular housekeeping, not to mention any blog posts or the like). But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. When we first got married, I always thought I would be stay-at-home mom who volunteered at the kids’ school and have time to keep a neat and tidy house, working garden and farm. And I did….for a little while. Work kind of fell into my lap (funny how that happens) but I’m loving it. Real estate was my least favorite class when I was getting my paralegal degree, and now look at me. Although, working files and contracts is totally up my alley (hence, the paralegal degree). And I know waaaaaaay more about septic systems than I even knew there was to know. And the cherry on top is that I get to work with my husband and best girlfriend every day. From home. So I can still homeschool the kids. And write when I take a notion (even when it means losing more sleep because that idea just won’t go away). Y’all, when I say some days I think I’ve lost my mind, I really mean most days I think I’ve lost my mind. I run on caffeine and happy thoughts and prayers. My house usually looks like a tornado just went through it carrying a family of rats (Esther Grace is a mess maker, let me tell you). BUT my kids are happy (for the most part) and well mannered (most of the time) and provided for. We have a space that is welcome and open for others to share (love barn nights!) and the means to provide food, entertainment, and love to those who show up. Anyway. My point is, things don’t always look like you pictured in your head. And that’s okay. Because I’ve found that when you trust God, the path He takes you down is always better than what you had imagined anyway.

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