My Toolbox

At my house there's a toolbox
Full of wrenches and screws,
A hammer, some screwdrivers-
All things I can use.
When I have things to fix
Or maintain in my home,
I have what it takes
To get any job done.
But I have other tools
That I use every day
That enhance my life
In a different way.
In this toolbox are tools
I just can't do without.
They help keep my mind clear
Of worry and doubt.
The two most important
I handle with care.
They're my line to the Lord - 
The Bible and prayer.
When I bow down in prayer
I turn my worries to God,
Give petition, give thanks,
And His worthy name laud.
I know that He listens
And considers my pleas,
Then gives the right answer,
For my future He sees.
When courage or comfort
Or wisdom I seek,
Into my Bible
I take a good peek,
For that's where the Father's revealed.
Through His Word,
By the prophets and holy men
He's made Himself heard.
He's given us everything
We need to know
To live out our lives
On this earth below
As He watches us daily
From heaven above,
As a Father watches over
His children with love.
And one day our Father
Will His heavenly home share,
If the tools we've been given
We handle with care.

This is an older one from March 2016, but I wanted to share it anyway. Just remember, the Bible and prayer are our direct lines to God, but He has also sent us His Spirit and each other, other resources such as study guides and materials, devotionals, journaling, and more and those tools are important as well.

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