What a day.

I spent the majority of the day at the Lean Into Jesus Ministries ladies’ conference with a few friends. (And a whole room full of ladies on fire for God.) And my soul has been refreshed.

This year, the theme was “More”. Several ladies spoke about what “more” meant to them. Giving more of self. Growing more in Christ. Spending more time with God. Doing more for Christ. Making more room for Him in our lives.

It was truly a time of worship, reflection, and soul-searching. There was laughter and tears. There was music and fellowship. Moved hearts and open minds. Sharing more of God’s love and what He means.

Over the next little bit, I will share more of the thoughts I brought home with me, but I want to let them marinate for a little while. I want to share in a series of posts my take on what was presented – my take aways and inspirations that came out of it. But for today, I just want to pose one question.

What does “more” mean to you?

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