More Than a Man

Yesterday’s communion talk was about Who we commune with, and referenced Isaiah 9:6-7. This is Who. This is who He is.

A little baby sent from God
Who left His throne above
And left His home where angels trod
And came to us in love
Miraculous conception, mother blessed,
An earthly father faithful
Wise men were their honored guests
Angels came to shepherds praiseful
A young man stands upon the shore
Of the Sea of Galilee
He knows what His future holds in store
But no one else yet sees
God the Father sent Him
To fulfill a mighty mission
But He knew it would be grim
To come to full fruition
His mother pondered in her heart
All the things she knew
She wondered when the man would start
His work on earth to do
He traveled far spreading the news
Of which the Jews long waited
But some of them were too blind to see
And he became much hated
Of mercy, love, and grace He preached
And how to treat your neighbor
The common folk for Him reached
But with the leaders He found little favor
He upset their apple cart
He went against their lifestyle
He taught seek God with all your heart
Their tedious laws not worthwhile
He said it all boils down to just
Love God and love others
In His holy name we should trust
For all our sins He covers
He was severely beaten 
For the message He proclaimed
His agony was deepened
As He hung on a cross of shame
But Death He has defeated
He has risen from grave!
His mission here completed
Our sinful souls to save
He ascended back to heaven
And now is seated on His throne
Where He offers intercession
And for our sins atones

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