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I know I haven’t posted as much lately, things have been so busy with school, work, Tyler’s birthday, and a couple of conferences. I have several posts in my head and started on paper, but I wanted to make this quick update for now.

This weekend, we took the youth from our congregation to Winterfest in Gatlinburg, which is just a big Christian youth conference. It was a wonderful time, as usual, hearing messages based off of John 17 and singing praises with couple thousand others, spending time with brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s always an amazing experience, and watching these young people on fire for the Lord gives such hope for the future of the church.

But the greatest moment of the whole weekend for our group was that Saturday night, Audrey and three of her friends made the decision to give their hearts and lives to Christ and be baptized. As a mom, I am so proud of her (and all of them), knowing that it is the most important decision they will ever make, and that going forward all of the decisions they make will be rooted in this one. It also makes me so happy to know that these girls have each other for support and encouragement. They will always share this, and know they have each other to go through life with, no matter what happens. I’m thankful they (and all our children) have people who love them and are positive Christian influences in their lives.

It was an exciting, encouraging, emotional evening, at the near conclusion of a wonderful weekend, drawing closer to God and each other, hearing the marvelous message of Christ.

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