Love Like Jesus

Looking through my Facebook memories today, this popped up that I had shared a couple of years ago. I thought it would be good to share here.

“All I’ve ever wanted is to love like Jesus. 
I just want to be there for people. To help people. 
Even people that hate me, I would help in time of trouble. 
How much more for people who I’m close to?
Is it so bad to ask for that in return?
Friends who will choose to love me for me. Who will love me and be there for me and not take advantage of me.
All I’ve ever wanted is to love like Jesus.
Am I so haughty to think that even if I show love, I will have that returned? Even Jesus was betrayed by His friends. Spat upon. Ridiculed.
And all He was guilty of was loving us.
God, I pray that You will keep my heart open and loving, and give me a servant’s heart. Help me never to become calloused or hard-hearted. Help me, no matter what happens, to love like You. To show grace. To show love. But to be tough and not let it get to me when that grace and love is not returned. Help me to strive always to act like Jesus, and when I don’t know what He would have done - show me. Lay it on my heart.
Thank you for choosing me, even on the days it feels like no one else does.
All I ever wanted to do is love like Jesus.”

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