Jesus Knows How You Feel

Have you ever been pulled into a feud you wanted no part of? Maybe two friends, coworkers, acquaintances got into it and they each want you to take their side. To turn you against the other one. And it makes you sad because you love them both, and how can you choose between the two. They are both right, but also both wrong, but both unwilling to bend.

Jesus knows how you feel.

He wants us to all be united in Him, loving each other through His love for us. Not turned against one another. Listening to each other and growing together, instead of arguing and fighting and claiming we are completely right, nothing we believe could possibly be wrong, and “the other guy” needs to see things our way. Then we drag Jesus into it and tell “the other guy” that Jesus is on our side and would turn His back on them.

What about this – have you ever been inexplicably shunned by someone? Someone you’ve only ever been nice to, tried to help out, done good things for, but in return they treat you like you don’t exist. Or maybe you were once friends, but all of a sudden you aren’t anymore, and you’re not sure why or what happened.

Jesus knows how you feel.

He was turned away by people He only ever cared for. People He helped and was good to. People that He loves and only wants the best for. People who once called Him friend but now want nothing to do with Him.

One more. Have you ever been thought less of for voicing your opinion on what’s right? Maybe you were called stupid or ignorant, maybe even accused of trying to purposefully steer someone in the wrong direction. Been told you were wrong and leading people away from the truth, just because what you said sounded different or uncomfortable.

Jesus knows how you feel.

He was rejected and ridiculed for teaching God’s perfect way. It wasn’t what the people were looking for, or what they wanted to hear. They accused Him of going against what they thought to be true. They chased Him off and persecuted Him, out of their own stubbornness and ignorance.

When you think the world, or even just your world, is against you, and you are all alone, remember you aren’t. Jesus is there.

And He knows how you feel.

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