James – pt. 4

In James 1:16-18, we find that God gives us good things. He gives us love, faith, courage, strength, wisdom. He is steady and ever-present. A solid foundation holding us up. A steady anchor, keeping us from drifting. Rich ground for us to sink our roots into and draw nourishment from.

He created light because He is the light (and in Him is no darkness – 1 John 1:5). As His children and image-bearers, we should also shine like He does. He didn’t just choose us* to bear His light and take it out into the world. He created us for that purpose. Just as He gave us the sun to warm us and light our way, He placed His Light inside us to warm and guide others.

*Meaning – We were created to be special, not picked out of an already completed creation. We are special and chosen, His “prized possession”, and the firstfruit of all He created. Created with purpose, on purpose, for a purpose.

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