James – pt. 16

James 4:4-6

I just realized I skipped posting these verses, so forgive me for having this part out of order!

In James 4:1-3, it talked about them being uncontent with what God had given them. They weren’t pleased with God, and had quit asking Him to provide for and take care of them. Just as an adulterous woman turns from her husband, they had turned from God. As she turns to a “new lover” who promises her everything, they had turned to the pleasures and ways of the world.

God wants us to love Him and let Him take care of us. Just as a loving husband or father would take care of and provide for his family.

Verse 5 says God is passionate that we remain faithful to Him. He loves us and wants us to remain close to Him.

It also says He gives grace generously. So if we do find ourselves drifting and looking for fulfillment away from Him if we humble ourselves and return to Him, He gives His grace and mercy freely.

He wants His Spirit to reside in us. He has redeemed us from sin. He has bought us back and set us free. In return, He wants us to love Him back and follow in His way.

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