Isaiah – pt. 2

Due to some outside forces (such as people out of town, sickness, and a new baby!), our Isaiah group has had trouble getting together. But here are some of the thoughts that were shared on chapters 2-5 at our last meeting.

Chapter 2:1-4: The Lord’s kingdom would be so wonderful and mighty, other nations would flock to it.
If we would all follow His examples and teachings, there would be no disputes and wars.
The Lord build on a mountain not in a valley. It would take a little more work to get there.
Isaiah 40:4 – Luke 3:1-6
Also thinking about the Psalms of Ascension (Ps. 120-134) they spoke as they went up to the mountain to worship.
His word would go out (Acts 2:5).
mountain – recurring theme

v. 5-11: Israel was rich physically, but they had turned from God.
Isaiah 5:7-8 -Though they were rich they neglected the poor.
v.9 – Sodom – theme throughout

v. 12-22: God will show everyone His might and power. He will show them how weak they are, and that only He is worthy of honor and praise. They will try to hide and run, but God will be exalted in all His glory, so that all may know who He is.
Hosea 10:8, Revelation 6:16, Luke 23:26-31 – Israel and Judah’s judgement
v. 10, 19, 21 – “the glory of the Lord”, 2 Thessalonians 1:5-10 same Greek

Ch 3:1-5: God was going to take everything from them because they turned from Him. The ones who would rule would have no direction. Not only would they not follow God they would lead others away from Him.

v. 16-26: God was going to strip Israel of her beauty, pride, and prestige
Matthew 24:2
They would learn their beauty and riches meant nothing – only following God. Outward beauty and riches can be taken away, but living for the Lord with a pure heart lives on.

Ch 4: The Lord would redeem and cleanse those who were left.
Those who were His holy people would be taken care of, given refuge and rest.
v.5 Exodus – Matthew 2:2 – they followed the star – pillar of fire

Ch 5:1-7: The Lord plants with the expectation of good fruit. Ig we do’t yield, He will prune us. If we continue to produce bitterness and worthlessness, He will uproot us and let us die.
(v.7 – Isaiah 1:17)

v 8-12: These people were amassing riches on earth and unconcerned about the Lord and His will. They were only concerned with earthly comfort and pleasures.

v. 13-17: The result would be exile. They would be lost, apart from God, destroyed.
The best way to praise God is through justice and righteousness
Sheep – recurring theme
Mountains tremble
Hebrews 12:18 and following verses
Hebrews 9:8-14 created things – pertaining to old covenant

v. 18-30: Sorrow will come to those who live in darkness and call evil good. The Lord will cause this who reject Him to dry up and wither. Without Living Water, we cannot live. (Jeremiah 2:13, John 4:14)
Those who are still loyal to Him will fight for Him and be victorious.

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