Isaiah – pt. 1

There’s a group of us who have started a study on Isaiah on Wednesdays at our local coffee shop. I thought I would share some of what we discuss. It may be scattered, rambly, and definitely incomplete (not like the study of James I’m sharing), but maybe it will at least give you a starting place for your own study!

We went through chapter 1 today, reading through then just offering up our thoughts a few verses at at time. Some were ideas we had that related to what we read, and some was just noticing a verse that stood out. Here are part of my notes on what was shared.

v. 1-10: The people were being punished because they rebelled and turned their back on the Lord. But God was merciful and spared a remnant of them (v.9).
(v.3) even animals know their masters’ care, but Israel didn’t.

v. 11-20: He didn’t want their traditions, their rituals, their sacrifices. He wanted their pure hearts. The could keep the “letter of the law” all day long, but it was meaningless (v. 13). He was more concerned with the condition of their hearts and souls, and told them what they should be focusing on (v. 17). “Love your neighbor” True worship starts in your heart, not with your actions.
Psalm 50
(v.18) Foreshadowing of Christ
(v.19-20) He gives them options. We have the same options. How are we responding?

v. 21-26: They were called out not just for doing bad, but for not doing good. They were looking the other way and not fixing what needed to be fixed.
Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37)
(v.22) Pure wine watered down is the reverse of Jesus’s first recorded miracle, turning the water to wine. Jesus turned us from the wrath of God into His mercy.
(v.25) He didn’t threaten to destroy. He said he would remove the impurities. THEN when they were pure, He would give them good rulers and wise counsel.
It’s all about reconciliation. and restoration.
Hebrews 12:5-13 – God’s discipline
Hebrews 6:4-6

v. 27-31: Those who had opportunity to repent but didn’t were the ones who would be destroyed.
Our salvation is a gift that God has set before us. Once given to us, it is our choice to decide what to do with it. We can take it and run with it, serving God and others, or we can reject it and turn from it.

Hopefully this made some sense, and gave you some new things to think about! Next week we will be talking about chapters 2-5. More to come after!

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