Heaven on Earth

My friend Daniel called me this morning and said, “I’ve got a quote from my blog post today you’re gonna love.”

He knows me so well.

The world doesn’t need people who are content with going to heaven when they die. The world needs people who refuse to die without bringing a little bit of heaven to earth.

It honestly needs no commentary.

If we are living the kind of life Jesus directed us to live, we don’t have to worry about what happens when we die.

What kind of life are we supposed to live?

The kind where we try to make the world a better place.

Where we help those around us. Show love. Don’t spew hate or contempt. Give generously, of our time, our money, our lives. Do the things we see that need doing, whether it’s “our job” or not. (Because it really is our job.) Share the joy and peace of God with others. Use the gifts and talents God gave us.

Something I’m working to teach my kids is, no matter where you are, leave that space better than you found it. (Anyone else learn this in Scouts?) Do “your part”, then a little more. Clean up your own mess, then a little bit of someone else’s. Carry your own load, then pick up your neighbor’s. Channel the love God gives you and pour it back out on someone else. Show them His goodness.

Work not just toward getting to heaven, but to bring a taste of His goodness and love, grace and mercy to others.

A little bit of heaven on earth.

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