HAAR Gala 2023

Saturday evening was our annual gala for our local REALTOR®️ association. I know I don’t talk about real estate much on here, but it is a pretty big part of my life. Most of my work is behind the computer, but it is so much fun to get dressed up and go out with everyone and have a fun evening, supporting our colleagues and our profession. This year was even more special, since my boss babe broker/beautiful best friend was inducted as a board member for our MLS. It is a blessing to be a part of her company and team. Working with Hannah has been one of the things that has really worked towards pushing me out of my comfort zone and being more comfortable in my own skin. Everyone should have a Hannah in their corner.

This year the event was held at the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. (Which just reminded me I really need to take my kids. How many places are there around that people come from all over to see, and we never give it a second thought?) It was very different from the venues we usually have, but it was amazing! Dining under the Saturn V. Seeing the big rocket through the window. Getting to walk around and see all the interesting information about NASA and the space program. On top of getting to dress fancy and eat scrumptious food (that tiramisu!!) and celebrate the future of our profession. It was a wonderful evening! I didn’t take near enough pictures, but I stole a few from various friends who were also there (Thanks, Kayla and Tabitha!) and wanted to share them.

We at MRG and HAAR are looking forward to breaking barriers in 2023! Watch us SHINE!

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