Growing In Grace

When God created man He knew
Just what man was going to do -
Make bad decisions every day
And from the path led by God stray.
No one’s perfect, there’s no doubt
We just can’t seem to figure out
How to act the way God said,
Control our bodies, hearts, and heads.
To buy salvation, Jesus came
And life would never be the same
For those who would put on His name.
If we obey and do our best,
The grace of God will fix the rest:
Our sinful ways are undeserving.
To ponder it can be unnerving - 
To think of how our God above
Erases all our sins with love.
To receive this gift, although it’s free,
Doers of God’s will we must be.
Spending time with God each day,
We must study His word and pray.
Show grace and mercy to others, too,
Just as God instructed to.
Follow the example Christ has set -
Pour back out the love we get.
Forgiving those who do us wrong,
Helping others to stay strong,
Bending ourselves to keep others from breaking,
Looking to God for each step we are taking.
The closer to God, the better we know
That without grace we can’t continue to grow.

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