God, I’m Tired

God, I’m tired.
I know one thing You didn’t say
Was life will be easy every day.
In our life there will be problems
But You’ll be there to help us solve them.
I know that I can trust in You
To be in everything I do.
But, God, I’m tired.
Earthly cares have made me weary,
My muscles tense, my eyes get teary.
I try to do my best to show
Your love to others and help them grow.
But sometimes, Lord, as I give more,
I’ve done all I can - I just can’t anymore. 
And, God, I’m tired.
As I sit and look around,
The weight of the world tries to bring me down.
I find myself backing away in defeat
And looking for a place to retreat
To sit and lick my wounds alone
As my very spirit weeps and groans.
‘Cause, God, I’m tired.
From every side I’m feeling pressed
And all I want to do is rest.
But my work for You is not yet done, 
The race I’m running not yet won.
So until You’re through with me,
I’ll continue to work towards who You want me to be.
But, God, I’m tired.

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