From Nature

Sitting by the babbling brook
Open your heart and take a look
There’s more out there than meets the eye
If you only glance as you go by
All sorts of things you will find
If you’re looking with your heart and mind
And don’t just use your eyes to seek
Stop and listen to the creek
It laughs and sings as it flows along
Simple soothing in its song
Inviting you to stay a while
And watch and listen with a smile
Birds sing joyfully in the trees
Your skin caressed by a gentle breeze
A little bug comes marching by
Then spreads his wings away to fly
Sitting here, you’re filled with peace
And for a moment worries cease
The sun goes down, day turns to night
Now there’s a campfire blazing bright
It smokes and crackles, sizzles, pops
Warms heart and soul as the temperature drops
Inviting you to stay out late
And life’s mysteries contemplate
The daytime critters sleeping drift
As the nocturnals take their shift
Beagles snuggle to go to sleep
Dreams of running their hearts keep
Hollering frogs and chirping crickets
Hide in nearby ponds and thickets
Above, the stars brightly shine
Been waiting all day for this time
The things you’ll miss if you don’t know 
How to enjoy nature’s show
Sit in silence, your heart tune
To God and nature; with them commune
God wants us to slow and listen
To what on our hearts He has written
To learn from nature not to worry
Always rushing in a scurry
Nature doesn’t spend its day
Toiling hard to find its way
Nor does it ever seem to shirk 
From its share of God-given work
It simply lives as God intended
Never worried or offended
Just doing what God told it to
Being and example to me and you
Each creature with the other living
Each one taking but also giving
Only doing what’s expected
By their Creator not neglected
Oh the lessons nature gives
On how to trust and how to live

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