From House to Home

Way down the road
	There’s a house on a hill
It stands proudly and majestically.
With its shingles and brick
	And a wrap around porch
It looks so inviting to me.
I drive past it often
	To just take a look,
And time after time I have tried
To convince myself 
	To work up the nerve
To go take a quick peek inside.
Finally one day
	As I drive by the house
I turn my car into the drive.
Closing my eyes,
	I draw in a deep breath -The moment has finally arrived.
Imagine my shock,
	My surprise and dismay
When I finally open the door
To see cobwebs and dirt,
	Neglect and decay
All the way from the ceiling to floor.
What disappointment
	I felt deep down inside
At the sight of that dark, unkept house.
Peeling paint, chipping tile,
	Spiders and bugs,
And there in the corner, a mouse.
With my heart filled with sadness
	I turn to the door
And I take one more last look around.
But as I stand there
	In that big empty house
An idea in my head I have found.
This house used to be
	Filled with laughter and love,
But the emptiness has turned it cold.
It just needs a good cleaning,
	A new coat of paint -
I can see the potential it holds
I invest in this house,
	And I set straight to work,
There I spend my free time, night and day.
All my friends tell me how
	I’m just wasting my time,
But I don’t listen to what they say.
After weeks of hard work,
	Lots of money and time,
My labor of love draws to an end.
I am finally ready
	To open my doors
And welcome my family and friends.
What was once empty,
	Dirty and sad,
Sitting all dark and alone
Is now full of love,
	Cheer and laughter once more -
This house has become a home.
Now take a good look
	At the people you see -
The ones that you pass every day.
Are they careworn and weary?
	Does darkness abound?
Are their lives filled with dust and decay?
Maybe they just
	Need a little more love,
Some of your time and our cheer.
And through you they will see
	The Father’s love, too,
And they’ll know that He is ever near.
There is never a person
	Whose darkness and sin
Is so deep that they cannot be loved.
Patience and time,
	Service and cheer
Can lead them to the Father above.

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