Fresh Air and Friendship

I’m a firm believer that humans need fresh air and sunshine to thrive. So I was ecstatic this past weekend when our temperatures were in the upper 70s and the sun was smiling down at us! After many days of cold and rain, this girl was ready to spend some time outdoors! We had company over to hang out and eat at our barn both Friday and Saturday evenings, and Saturday I was just lazy and took a book outside and hung out with my kiddos while Jeremy took care of a few projects.

Sunday, after church we met up with some friends and went to the lake to kayak up one of its off-shooting creeks. It was very windy on the way upstream, and we had to work hard to fight against it, but it was oh so worth it. There was a sand bar we stopped at to let the kids play on. Farther down, we found a beautiful spot that had huge rocks the kids (and Daniel) could climb on out in the middle of the creek. On the way back the wind had died down, so we were able to enjoy an easy paddle back to the dock.

We really had a lot of fun, spending time with our friends, enjoying the sunshine, and getting in some much needed physical activity (for me anyway – I’m sore in places I forgot I had!) There was really nothing profound about it. I didn’t have any big connections or metaphors revealed. Just enjoying the beauty of the nature around us and the fellowship of people we love.

So excited to have our first lake day of the year in the books, and looking forward to many more like it!

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