Forks and Tethers

You ever feel unsettled in your mind?

Like, you have a lot going through it, and you’re not sure where to put your focus, and you’re waiting to see where God takes you. Not that you’re unsure in your faith, just in what path He’s taking you down. You’re at a fork in the road and you can’t see the next stop.

There’s a bundle of energy and light inside you bursting to be free, but at the same time there is something else there saying to just wait and be quiet.

A desire to hold on and yet a need to let go.

Taking a step to the right while you are still looking toward the left.

Trying to be of two minds at one time, wondering if they can reconcile or if one must be cut loose.

Hit the trail or circle the wagons?

Tie a tether or cut some strings?

This usually means I need to spend time with God and in reflection. Looking inside myself, listening to His Word, waiting to be led by His Spirit.

I’m in the perfect place for that right now.

So if you don’t hear from me much the next little bit, I’m just over here pausing, praying, and pondering. Reflecting, repurposing, and renewing.

And having a sketchy wifi situation.

Sitting by these quiet waters of Lake Guntersville where the Shepherd has led me to restore my soul.

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