Remember when I talked about the butterfly in my logo?

It’s a dual representation of metamorphosis and the butterfly effect. Making changes to better yourself, and at the same time hopefully have a positive effect on what is going on around you.

It’s time for another shift.

You know how you’re bebopping along in life and everything is in a good place, and then you look up one day and think, “Oh, wow, how did I end up here? And how do I get back?”

Yeah, me, either. 🙄

But if someone WERE to feel like that, they might look back at where things went wonky. And they might find that it’s when life got busy and they slipped out of their routines. Maybe. If that were to happen to someone.

Ok, ok, it’s me. I’m someone.

So, back in 2018, I had my thyroid removed. In the interim, I stopped my karate training (due to time constraints – and, man, I miss it) and done more desk/computer work (the cause of those time constraints), which has resulted in weight gain, falling behind on housekeeping, and general blah-ness. And a lot of this is because I have slipped out of my good habits and developed some not so good ones.

So, in order to better my health, my home, and my heart, changes are being made. Why do you need to know about this? Again dual purpose. One, if I put it out there, I have a little accountability. Two, maybe you are struggling, too, and need some encouragement, or fresh ideas for a game plan. Or both.

I’m getting back on the FlyLady bandwagon, and dragging my kids along with me. If you don’t know about FlyLady, click the link and go check her out. I have used her system off and on since my boys were small, and I always feel like things go more smoothly when I do. My kids know that it works, too, and will ask me occasionally to help them update their routines to get back on track.

I’m also working on my diet. Cutting back on some of my unhealthy eating habits (like Dr. Pepper and pasta) and trying to develop new ones (like more water and veggies). More meal planning and prep, and less fast food because I can’t figure out what to fix.

I know, too that working more has resulted in moving my body less. I am going to take time every day to go for a walk, outside or on my treadmill, dance it up, maybe even break out my bicycle. Not necessarily a structured workout routine, but just more movement over all.

I will be fluttering around, figuring things out for the next little while. Trying to rework how to fit it all together. I may get frustrated, but I know if I keep at it, I will be FLYing before long! And hopefully, as I work on myself, it will equip me to be able to better help those around me. My kids, my husband, my work, my friends…and help them to FLY as well!

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  1. Thank you, Corri. I don’t know how you accomplish everything you do. You have my admiration now, but I know how you feel about a schedule. I absolutely need a schedule. If I could only manage one now. I love you.

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