Flaws and All

Are you happy and carefree 100% of the time? Of course you are. We completely ignore and don’t worry about, or even better are oblivious to, the negative things in life. We have the Spirit of God within us, so we are just bubbling joy everywhere, right?

(If you have figured this out, please send me your secrets.)

Living in a fearless and joyful manner doesn’t mean we are never sad, distressed, distraught, anxious, uncertain, Even David, a man after God’s own heart, struggled. Many of the psalms he wrote were praise and honor to God, but many were psalms of despair, crying out to God.

I mean, even Jesus wasn’t happy 100% of the time.

Up to now, I have tried to keep everything I posted on here upbeat and positive, or at the least encouraging. But you know what? Some days I just don’t feel it. So I talk myself out of posting. Because I’m guilty, like so many, of wanting to look positive and happy and perfect. How can I encourage you if I’m being Debbie Downer?

But no more.

I do want to be encouraging. That’s the whole point of this page. But David encouraged even with what he shared on his bad days. Maybe you see my posts and relate. Maybe you will keep scrolling. Maybe you will think of someone you want to share it with.

And maybe you’ll get to know me a little better.

Flaws and all.

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