Embracing Our Gifts

When we think about spiritual gifts, there are some we tend to think of as “big ones” – prophecy, speaking in tongues, miracles. But so much more often, they are little things that God has blessed us with. Maybe even things we ourselves overlook because they come so naturally, or because it just feels right. Or maybe sometimes it’s something we have had to work on or embrace, even though it felt uncomfortable, but we realize it was fear or reluctance, not the gift itself, that was holding us back. Let’s look at some biblical examples of women who were gifted.

Miriam, the sister of Moses, was a leader. She was named right alongside Moses and Aaron as being sent by God in Micah 6:4. She stood with them as they led the Israelites out of Egypt. She led the women in praises to God. Even as a child, she took initiative in helping secure Moses’s safety and security as the adopted son of Pharaoh’s daughter. 

Deborah was the only named woman judge. She was also a prophet. When she told Barak to go to battle, he would only go if she went with him. He must have seen her worth and wisdom as a leader. She went with him and their enemy was defeated.

Martha was one of Jesus closest friends. He stayed at her house often, and so did others. She must have been quite the hostess, skilled at offering hospitality and comfort to those who stayed there. She took care of her guests and made them feel welcome.

Phoebe was a deacon, or servant, in the Lord’s church. Paul called her worthy of honor. He said she had been helpful to many, especially him. I would imagine she had quite the servant’s heart and hands to have been praised so by Paul to the church at Rome.

Priscilla, and her husband Aquila, served alongside Paul. They made tents together, and they also taught others about Christ together. When Apollos was teaching in error, they took him aside and taught him what was accurate. They also hosted the church gathering in their home. Multiple times they are greeted by Paul as fellow co-workers for Christ, even pointing out that they had risked their lives for him. They would have had to been bold and wise, with the ability to explain things patiently and plainly.

Lydia was another member of the early church. She also housed Paul and others for a short time. We are also told she was a merchant of purple cloth. This means she was probably a skilled businesswoman, hardworking and wise. In such a position, she may have also had connections, and been influential, whether selling her cloth or leading others to Christ.

Then we have Mary, the mother of Jesus. What great faith she had, even as a young lady, to be able to tell God she was willing to follow His will. That had to have been tremendous pressure, to be told you are going to be the mother of God’s son, the Messiah. But she didn’t doubt. Not when she became pregnant. Not when He started His ministry. Not even when He was on the cross. She trusted God though it all. 

All of these women had different talents and gifts. They lived in different places, in different time periods. They each had different jobs God gave them to do. Whether they were leading, serving, or simply trusting, their lives brought glory to God. They each in their own way had impact on the lives of others. Each one of them, in their own way, was priceless. 

In the same way, we should look at the gifts and talents God has given us and ask ourselves how can we use them to serve others and bring glory to God. Maybe your gift is to teach, or to offer hospitality. To be a leader, or an encourager. Maybe your gift is ministry. Working with words, or acts of physical service. Maybe you have great capacities of faith or love. Whatever it is that God has blessed you with, hone it and use it. Be a blessing to those around you.  Being able to serve God and impact others with your gifts is priceless. 

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