Don’t Talk About It

I don’t know about you, but at our house, we don’t talk about Bruno.

We might sing about him, but we don’t talk about him.

In case you didn’t know, Bruno is a character in the Disney movie Encanto. And there is a whole song about how “we don’t talk about Bruno”. So of course, everyone is talking about Bruno. Or singing, rather. The main character, Mirabel, wants to know all about him and find him to talk to him. And of course, the mystery that surrounds him, since no one talks about him, only makes her more curious.

Aren’t we like that a lot of the time? If there is something we know we aren’t supposed to talk about or know about, it gets our curiosity going. And the more we aren’t supposed to talk about it, the more it feels like it is going to burst out of us if we don’t tell somebody. And so eventually, we break down and find someone we can share with. Especially if it is something wonderful or amazing.

Did you know that’s how the news about Jesus did a lot of it’s spreading?

Several times we are told that when Jesus healed or helped someone, He told them to go on their way and tell no one what happened. But you know what? They just couldn’t help it. As a matter of fact, in Mark 7:36, it says that the more He commanded the people to not tell anyone, the more widely they proclaimed it. It was just too hard to resist.

What about you? Can you resist talking about Jesus and how wonderful He is? Or do you want to proclaim Him to everyone?

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