Decisions, Decisions

Every decision we make has consequences. They might be good, they might be bad. They might be temporary or they may be lifelong. It may be something as small as deciding where to eat lunch, or as important as choosing our spouse. But every decision we make has something happen as a result. Sometimes it sets off a chain reaction, and often that requires us to make more decisions that will have more consequences. Rarely are they a one-and-done.  We embrace the good results. We like the way they make us feel. Happy, excited, important. We don’t like the way the bad results make us feel. Disappointed, angry, devastated. And many times we feel let down or deceived, because the decision felt like a good one. 

We can learn from every single decision we make. If it works out well, we know what path to follow and how to take it. If it doesn’t turn out so well, we grow from it and take a new path. We have to remember we aren’t perfect and there are going to be times we make unwise decisions. The important thing is to keep trying and keep working to keep our decisions aligned with God’s will, and remember, as we are told in Romans, that God will make everything work for good.

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