Remind Me, Lord

God, I sit empty and alone I fall to pieces at the foot of Your throne Begging You to make me whole To put the fire back in my soul I’m torn and trembling, weak and spent I don’t know where my courage went It feels like everything I do Falls apart to pieces, too… Continue reading Remind Me, Lord

From Nature

Sitting by the babbling brook Open your heart and take a look There’s more out there than meets the eye If you only glance as you go by All sorts of things you will find If you’re looking with your heart and mind And don’t just use your eyes to seek Stop and listen to… Continue reading From Nature


So, I wanted to have all of my poetry in one place so I made a page just for them! Any post that includes a poem will be linked on this page for easy access. Hope you enjoy!

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Wrestling With God

On Jacob’s journey to reconcile With Esau at his home, He’d sent his family across the way And waited all alone. As he waited worriedly Gazing in the night A stranger came upon his camp, And they began to fight. They fought and wrestled all night long, Till break of dawn began. But victory could… Continue reading Wrestling With God


If you know me, you know I love: 1) sitting around a campfire; 2) staying up late; 3) good conversation. Which is why I love our barn so much. We have people over fairly regularly, most weeks on Sunday evenings for fun, food, and fellowship, but there is rarely a week that goes by that… Continue reading Bondfire

I Am Like Water

A short poem I am like water Adapting to my environment Fitting the shape Changing with the atmosphere Offering nourishment and refreshment to others I can be powerful, sweeping others along I can be gentle and soothing I can help you support your weight But if you aren’t ready for me You can also be… Continue reading I Am Like Water

Growing In Grace

When God created man He knew Just what man was going to do – Make bad decisions every day And from the path led by God stray. No one’s perfect, there’s no doubt We just can’t seem to figure out How to act the way God said, Control our bodies, hearts, and heads. To buy… Continue reading Growing In Grace

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