Alabaster Jar

As one of my favorite book characters, Peniel, says, “I love a good story.” I will read literally almost anything. One of my favorite things to do (and many other people get more invested than I, apparently, according to the amount of fanfic and reddit posts out there) is to wonder what-if and how’d-it-happen. What… Continue reading Alabaster Jar


We are coming off of a most awesome weekend. We went with a group from church to Gatlinburg for Winterfest, a convention for Christian youth they have every year. We went up after school on Thursday afternoon, to make it just in time to unload and crash into bed. To set the scene: Jeremy had… Continue reading Shipwrecked


What a day. I spent the majority of the day at the Lean Into Jesus Ministries ladies’ conference with a few friends. (And a whole room full of ladies on fire for God.) And my soul has been refreshed. This year, the theme was “More”. Several ladies spoke about what “more” meant to them. Giving… Continue reading “More”