Can I Be Real A Second

Christopher Jackson as General George Washington in Hamilton

Can I just say…it’s been a week.

Not necessarily all bad, just long.

Tyler got his braces off on Monday, so for the meantime, the Johnson house is braces free.

Except I took Audrey for a consultation on Tuesday. She still has a few months, but it won’t be much longer before we have #3 in braces.

Wednesday was a mixed bag. My friend Hannah and I went to The Soak House for an afternoon we’ve had planned for a few months. The massage was šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼ and we had a nice time catching up on some things uninterrupted. Wednesday evening I taught the ladies’ class at church. And let me tell you, I am not an anxious person by nature – I am very much a go with the flow, take things as they come, cross that bridge when we get there kind of person. But this class has had me tied in knots for weeks. I’ve never been an “up in front of people” kind of person. Let me hide behind my computer. I told them it would be a miracle if I didn’t throw up or pass out. I knew how I felt was silly and irrational, but I couldn’t make myself not feel that way. And it was probably made worse by the fact I was teaching my own material, a compilation of the posts I made on here on my study of James. (You can find them by clicking here if you are interested in reading them for yourself.) Somehow I muddled through without dying or embarrassing myself (too badly at least!). Maybe next week will go better…?

When we got home, I hung out in the barn with Jeremy while he played drums and I worked on a crochet project.

Thursday was by far the worst. I woke up at around 4 am with I guess a stomach virus or something. I was soooo sick. We had to miss co-op, and I was in the bed all day, besides running back and forth to the bathroom. I don’t get sick very often, but it seems like when I do, it does a number on me. My wonderful husband stayed home and corralled kids and kept things running both with his business and the house. Poor Hannah had to do my job on top of hers, because I slept the day away. Thankfully the sick part only lasted a few hours, I was just drained from it, and honestly still am.

Today has been better. I feel better, but still feel exhausted and just want to nap. Found out the son of one of my high school teachers, who also goes to church with my aunt – who I still remember as a cherub faced little boy – was killed in a car accident last night, and I’ve had that on my mind all day. I got a shower and changed the sheets on our bed (and that bout whooped me), then rode to town with Jeremy to get out of the house while he ran a couple of errands (and got a Chick-fil-A salad!) As soon as we got back, it was time to take Audrey to her BRIGHT Lights group. I dropped her off and found a parking lot to veg out in for the duration. Then crashed when we got back home.

Very much looking forward to going to a ladies’ day tomorrow to hear my friend LeAnne speak, and will probably have a barnful of people when I get back, as I think Jeremy has planned a bluegrass picking with the kids’ music teacher and a few others.

This post is not very inspirational, and probably very rambly, and possibly not very interesting, but it’s all I got at the moment. Some of it I will probably expand on later. But right now I’m thinking an early bedtime sounds kinda nice.

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